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Quality Business Plan Strategies
PT Rekayasa Bagi Negeri – Developing a business plan can be done as early as possible when the business is first started. There may be times when a business is not in line with the plans made. But with this plan it will be easier for business people to know how the business will run. In order for the business to go according to plan, it’s good to give a clear and precise picture when preparing a business plan. The following is a quality business plan strategy that we have summarized. 1. Executive summary This point briefly summarizes the entire contents of a business plan from goals, strategies, to future business risks. 2. General description Explain the vision and mission of the business including the current and future business picture, target market, to the management that will be carried out. 3. Marketing plan In this case you can provide an overview related to business market share and marketing strategies that will be applied. You can also analyze the competition that your business will face later. 4. Production plan Summarize the production process from the budget, determine quality, to the selection of production sites. 5. Planning for resource requirements Analysis of financial and labor resources needed in business. In financial terms, you need to pay attention to projected earnings, cash flow, to investment. While in human resources, you need to determine how many teams are right to run the business and what skills and abilities are needed by the team of workers. 6. Risk analysis You also need to analyze what risks you may face both now and in the future. As for those of you who need business consulting services, Rekabani is always ready whenever you need. Consult issues with your business immediately, contact us below. PT Rekayasa Bagi Negeri Address : 18 Office Park, 25th Floor Suite A2 Jl. TB Simatupang No. 18 Jakarta Selatan 12520 Indonesia Telp : +62 21-27806577 Email : hello@rekabani.com Telepon : +62 8111554345 WhatsApp : +62 8111554345